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Ok Machiners, this thread is now back online and I am asking you for help. The planet is under threat from two warring alien species, the Costrilian and the Surilins. Unfortunately we have been unable to gather much data on what these aliens look like, all we know it that the Costrilian are grey skinned and technologically advanced, led by Cosmos-class commander Ped Luc (gender: Male) and Aurora-class admiral Auran Skal (gender: Female), whilst the Surilins are a more barbaric race of brown/ tan skinned beings who wield energy weapons. They are led by their Emperor, Kra, who is protected by his loyal Royal Guard. I need your help to identify these aliens, bring me images of their leaders and their warriors, so we can adequately prepare our defences. Whom-ever can bring me the best image of our foes will be rewarded with eternal glory in the coming battle. We have one week before their space-craft reach earth. Good luck.
Transmission ends.