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Character name: Iro Kenshi

This is the main character of a concept for an anime/manga my brother and I had called Kenjutsu Rainbow.

Kenjutsu Rainbow

Iro Kenshi lives in a world where swordfights hold a dominant popularity all over the land of Bright. These swordfights require the swordsman to tap into a connection with their sword and body. Through this process, the swordsman are able to access six unique sword abilities known as Blade Powers, which when being used change the color of their sword’s blade to one of six colors depending on which Blade Power is being used. Each Blade Power only has a temporary effect as they require a massive amount of the swordsman’s energy. Swordsman are able to switch in and out of each different Blade Power, however, their bodies/energy will have to recharge for a bit of time in between different Blade Powers. Any swordsman can learn to use all of these Blade Powers, but to master them is a very difficult task.

The Blade Powers include:

Red Blade: Generates a protective shield/force field
Orange Blade: Enhances speed and agility
Yellow Blade: Generates ranged blasts of energy
Green Blade: Creates a strong gust of wind/ temporarily weakens opponent
Blue Blade: Enhances strength of swordsman and their blade
Purple Blade: Restores health and energy of swordsman slightly
Rainbow Blade: Combines all six Blade Powers at once
Black Blade: Not much is known about this mysterious and dark Blade Power

In the world of Bright not only are swordfights extremely popular, those who are very skilled swordsman can hold various levels of power over Bright, including political power and are treated as celebrities and in some cases even royalty. Others use the powers for crime. In this world there is one swordsman who reigns supreme over all others known as the Grand Sword Master. To become the Grand Sword Master requires a swordsman to battle and defeat the six Blade Color Masters, each one having mastered one color Blade Power. The Blade Color Masters are located far apart from one another all throughout Bright. Once each Blade Color Master is defeated, the swordsman is able to battle the Grand Sword Master for the title.

As a young boy, while being trained along side his older brother Kuro in the art of sword fighting using Blade Powers, Iro became able to access the ability to use a Blade Power that combined the powers of all the six different Blade Powers. This Blade Power is called Rainbow Blade, a Blade Power so rare it was thought to be only a myth. Kuro became increasingly jealous of his brother’s rare Blade Power, feeling like the lesser sibling, he began to rebel and started committing crimes using his Blade Powers. After plunging deeper and deeper into darkness, Kuro took his own father’s life with his sword. After killing his own father, Kuro became able to access a Blade Power he had never before heard of or seen, his sword’s blade had become black in color and felt more powerful than ever. By the time Iro caught Kuro in the act, it was already too late to save his father. Kuro fled to take on the Blade Color Masters and with the aid of his new Black Blade, was able to defeat them all. Kuro was even able to defeat the Grand Sword Master and thus become the new Grand Sword Master.

Now older, Iro has become a very skilled swordsman and is determined to put an end to Kuro’s reign as Grand Sword Master. Iro’s goal is to defeat all of the Blade Color Masters in order to finally face Kuro. Since becoming Grand Sword Master, Kuro has continued to use his title to gain more power over the land of Bright than any previous Grand Sword Master. Kuro has amassed an army of swordsman and plans to become the one and only true holder of power in all of Bright, using his army to take down anyone standing in his way. Iro, with his Rainbow blade may be the only hope the land of Bright has to put an end to Kuro’s reign of darkness.