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Herr D

The theme of this block is interesting creatures. First up, the often mentioned, but rarely seen:

Jive Turkey frequently raised eyebrows in the nineteen-seventies. His vocalizations would disorient, his actions would confuse people, ruin property, and occasionally bankrupt businesses. And he could always claw someone or drop his belt buckle on their foot. . .

Much friendlier and more desirable, Glubbie attained celebrity status for a very brief time. One of her more ‘enthusiastic’ fans slowed her concert schedule considerably, causing the concert this picture is of to be her only benefit on Ohneegahtahee. Her litter was born with no complications, and maternal feeding has, by tradition of her species, put the rest of her musical career on hold. Lactation takes eighty to eighty-two of our years, so any Earthling fans she has won’t likely see any new material in their lifetimes.

–Anyhow, I think this was between the second and third set.