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Herr D

Crudely done pop psychology will probably never lose it’s appeal. Many are fond of ‘diagnosing’ others in ways that clinicians would probably find professionally horrifying. As if that’s not bad enough, a prominent national figure recently proclaimed that another version of the DSM would be written ‘based on science.’ Ouch. Talk about getting your feathers ruffled! Technically empiricism ISN’T a science, but it is a scientific method, if irritatingly slow to all us relative laypeople. Sadly, psychology will not become psychonomy until it’s practiced only by non-humans. Hey–a yardstick can’t measure itself.
Crudely done pop psychology CAN, however, be fun, non-hurtful, and more accurate when describing non-humans. Take dogs and horses–most of them have traits of codependent personalities. Cats exhibit various degrees and types of antisocial behavior and sleep disorders. Dogs can ‘sleep-walk,’ too. Rivers and streams might be thought of as passive-aggressive. There’s a lot of catatonia in the world. Spiders have the extreme version of the ‘attachment disorder,’ ‘Black Widow Syndrome.’

Look here for the label to be slapped on HeroMachine.
The old diagnosis called “autistic savant” referred to people who might be characterized as able to do the amazing easily, but not so much the ordinary. HM is fantastic for creating amazing pictures, but very difficult to use for creating certain, more ordinary pictures. Like this forgotten medicine cabinet.