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Herr D

A thought on your assassin in frame #2. Here’s how she gets her name . . .
Cop #1: [looking at crime scene] Same M.O., right?
Cop #2: yeh–that’s your girl.
Cop #1: Reese.
Cop #2: [pulling notebook] you got a name already? I just got her picture?! Reese like Witherspoon?
[movement in background]
Cop #1: No, Reese as in these are Reese’s Pieces–[gestures around at body parts]
Cop #2: Awwgh
Cop #1: I know, I kn-[SLASH]
Reese: [looking at 2 dead cops and dripping blades] I like Reese–that’s funny. [opens coat of Cop #2, pulls out her picture from surveillance camera, other evidence] Thanks, boys!