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@Scatman said:

and here I thought you joined just to shove our creative noses in the dirt! are here for each other!don’t forget how you inspire people and their creations!That’s really important,anyway I’m sure the challenges will be back soon.Sqeaky wheels get the grease!

If I was the cause of a few dirty noses, then good for me. I know there are some new folks who have recently joined – Weilyn in particular – that I stand in awe of. The word inspiration is funny, and I think I have used it incorrectly on these forum pages. When I first joined, I was legless when I saw the work of folks like ams, headlessgeneral, dblade and yourself to name just a few. But it has occured to me that I was not so much inspired as challenged. I wasn’t inspired to be as proficient as this person in highlight and shadow, or as that person in detail and masking, I was in fact challenged to develop a style that was me; so that when you looked at a piece of work there was no doubt that it was mine. I hope you are right and that the challenges will return, or the pop quizzes at least. What I find fascinating about them is that when you do not have a week to mull over an idea, instinct takes over, and you get a small glimpse of the individual creator’s brain and how they think, react and attack a challenge when a clock is ticking. Great stuff, and I would argue the greatest stuff recently, has come from the pop quizzes. Golem Factory? Brilliant!