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Dionne Jinn

Okay… Here is what my tired mind came up with yesterday after first going to watch the Hobbit and then coming home and watching Dances With Wolves on telly. I somehow started to think what kind of a story you might get from using the story elements from the Western in a story set into a fantasy world.

Dwarfs would replace the Sioux/Lakota tribe (the “good Indians”), orcs/goblins would – of course – be the Pawnees (the “bad Indians”), Kicking Bird would be the dwarf king and Stands with a Fist an elven girl rescued by dwarfs from their common enemy. I’m not yet sure who Dances with Wolves would be, probably a human ranger…


Oh, and while I openly identify the sources of my inspiration here, I don’t believe this is a copy-violation because dwarfs and elves and orcs are pretty universal nowadays, and the story line I’ve been using from Dances with Wolves isn’t really that original in the first place.