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Shifting focus from my Kid Chaos soap opera ramblings to the continuing expansion of the Saviors universe. I decided that my ‘Justic League’ needed a team of ‘Teen Titans’ to go with them, and I do love creating young heroes so here’s a few:

Adam (Name given to him by Pinnacle)

Bio: When the superheroine Pinnacle was created, she rebelled against her creators causing them to purge their headquarters in an effort to kill her. She thought their research long gone, but a different government organization managed to gain access to surviving fragments of the cloning process that created her and attempted to recreate her. The Saviors uncovered their facility and raided the compound. The researchers at the facility released Peak as a last ditch-effort. His growth was incomplete, flawed. He was almost mindless. Pinnacle managed to subdue him and took pity on him. The Saviors worked together to help him cope with his unstable physiology. Almanac created technological aids to help him control his abilities, Cetacea used her telepathy to help bring together his fractured mind, and the other team members trained him to help others. From there, Peak aided Pinnacle here and there on certain missions, but he began to notice a growing crop of younger posthumans, people like him who were granted wildly powerful abilities and only wanted to do good with them. With Pinnacle’s blessing, Peak reached out to these young heroes and organized them, hoping to pass on the guidance that had helped him so much during his earlier days.
Abilities: Peak is a modified clone of the posthuman Pinnacle. He possesses all of her abilities: flight, superhuman speed, near invulnerability, superhuman strength, enhanced senses. However, due to his unstable genetic makeup, Peak’s powers initially fluctuated unpredictably. Almanac’s tech implants have helped to stabilize his musculature system, easing the strain his strength once put on his body. The harness he wears around his face stabilizes his sensory abilities, allowing him to use them without being overwhelmed by an overload of input.

Brett Waits

Bio: A gifted young man, Brett was a computer science student who inadvertently made contact with a passing extraterrestrial research craft. Intrigued by his potential, this unknown race baited him into tracing it’s source and abducted him. While on their craft, Brett was experimented on, his nervous system tampered with and his legs severed and replaced with high-powered alien prosthetics. Brett managed to break free of his confinement and used the ship’s systems to send out a boosted distress signal. The Saviors picked it up and the ship was destroyed, it’s hostages rescued and returned to Earth. Despite their best efforts, the prosthetics could not be removed from Brett’s body without significant damage to his nervous system, and the risk of leaving him brain dead. He was the first individual Peak reached out to, offered a place on his team.
Abilities: Brett’s prosthetic legs are indestructible and possess incredible strength. He can use them to leap hundreds of feet into the air or kick through plate steel. They can propel him at supersonic speed. His nervous systems and circulatory systems have been altered to deal with the stresses of high-speed travel, allowing Brett to react and process information at proportionate speed with how fast his legs allow him to move.

Record Erased

Bio: A mysterious young woman with technopathic abilities. She has used her powers to manipulate information streams and technology to erase all record of her existence, to facilitate her ‘hobbies’. Blackout began as a cyber vigilante, exposing government secrets and shutting down corporate infrastructure. Almanac’s old government contacts initially requested they find the source of these attacks and shut them down. Upon discovering Blackout’s identity, Peak decided that she could be a useful resource for the team and could given a second chance. He requested the Saviors to stand down and allow him to contact her. She was wary at first, but decided to give it a shot. She was the curious sort after all.
Abilities: Blackout is a technopath, allowing her to communicate with and manipulate all forms of modern technology. She can see information streams and connect her neurology to any network, regardless of how well protected. Blackout emits a constant security aura that erases her from all forms of electronic surveillance. Any machine that attempts to pick up on her will return a feed of blank space. Blackout has a secondary ability that allows her to charge her nervous system and generate an EMP wave from her body, as a failsafe mechanism should her technopathy spiral out of control.