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Fourth member of our little band of super-soldiers, an immortal percussionist modeled after myself (forgive the teenage vanity, I did create these guys in high school after all…)


Bio: The percussionist of his group and youngest of the brethren, having been alive for only one Gathering. He is the most optimistic and human-minded of his group, not jaded by his agelessness as some of his other siblings. The loss of his family has been especially hard on him and he feels guilty for escaping the Institute and leaving them behind. His only goal in life now is to set them free, to unite the Orchestra once more and finish their Symphony, lest the power to shape the destiny of humanity fall into the wrong hands.
Abilities: Ritmo possesses percussive resonance. He can hear the rhythm of the universe around him and manipulate it through the beats he plays. He can channel this ability through his body, but uses drumsticks to help control its application. Every note he plays creates a powerful force shockwave on his environment, with louder percussive strokes causing more powerful blasts. If he plays double-stroke rolls he can charge up the energy at his disposal, releasing it with a final single note.