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Thanks Luiz! I get a little carried away with my stories sometimes, but I like for my guys to have a place to inhabit together (even if it’s only in my mind haha)

Last one of these Venturers for now, a twist on a familiar face…



Here’s all of his info, with a heavy dose of plot so bear with me…


When Abi and her crew finally reach the outpost of X’s people, the Facility. They are set upon and subdued by a group of five of X’s species, calling themselves the Quintessence. These five were the political leaders of X’s society, a genetic recombination of their history and culture’s greatest icons split between five bodies. X was, in actuality, a servant known as the Sixth. Their people were wiped out when the Quintessence first tried to tap into the power of the Presence. The experiment failed and because all of X’s people were linked telepathically to the Quintessence, the psychic feedback killed all of them. They were the sole members of their species to survive, existing on a neural network of their own. The Quintessence engaged in a telepathic symposium to figure out how to more safely harness the Presence’s power. X was to care for them while they remained in stasis. When they had come to a probable solution,

X was tasked to deliver the Presence to them, but his mission was side-tracked by Null’s unwitting absorption of the cosmic entity. X was thusly assigned to bring Null to the Quintessence, that the Presence may be extracted from him. Their ultimate goal was to use the power to resurrect their nearly extinct race and forcibly evolve all sentient life to be as sufficiently advanced as they are, free from aberrations such as ‘free will’ and ‘emotion’.

Null is attached to several devices that begin to painfully extract the Presence in a process that is most certainly fatal. Simultaneously the criminal underworld, military bodies, and ambitious political figures that have been plaguing Abi and her crew catch up to them and begin an all out assault on the Facility.

Raug and 37 fight off the invading forces, while Abi attempts to rescue Null. The Quintessence must pool their full concentration on the process of extraction and are thus vulnerable. However X remains conscious to defend them. X and Abi fight viciously for a while, with Null closer to death every minute they waste. Abi berates X for betraying Null. The pair had grown quite close during their travels, Null never having had a friend in his life, and X never having had any meaningful emotional interaction with any sentients outside of his complete servitude to the Quintessence. Having for the first time in his life felt genuine emotion towards another being, X turns his back on the Quintessence. He interrupts their psionic feedback loop and reverses the flow, pouring the power of the Presence into Null. When it threatens to disintegrate Null’s physical form, X taps into the machinery of the facility around him, ripping the bodies of the Quintessence apart to to form a body capable of withstanding the energies of the Presence.

When the process is complete all technology in the Facility goes briefly dark. Null’s new form rises, and X looks at him and vocalizes for the first and only time in his life: “I am sorry.” Null places a sympathetic hand on his shoulder and Abi reminds them that their ship and friends are moments away from utter annihilation. Null smiles and his eyes begin to glow, he dematerializes before their eyes and reappears outside, between Raug and 37 on their ship, and the armada of vessels before them. It’s over in five minutes. Null eliminates the threat single-handedly, finally able to wield the incredible power within him. Abi and her crew leave the region and depart to parts unknown, their ship sailing the void in search of wrongs to right and people to help. As they pass by, if you look closely, you can see a humanoid figure trailing behind the vessel, glowing brightly, revelling in his power. He is Wayfarer, the traveler. And he travels with them.

Abilities: Null’s new body allows him to tap into all of the abilities of the Presence, making him a vastly powerful cosmic being. His body itself is incredibly durable, able to withstand any impact, projectile, or directed energy without damage. He can survive in the vacuum of space and the only form of sustenance he needs is periodic absorption of energy (of which his body can metabolize a variety of forms). He can travel at superluminal speeds and his reaction time and reflexes are proportionately enhanced. He possesses strength proportionate to his durability, in the 100+ ton class. Null can also unleash devastating bursts of a primordial cosmic energy unique to him, either in focused beams capable of cutting through most anything or in explosive bursts capable of cracking federation warships in half. Null’s transformation also attuned his consciousness to the universe, he read and subtly manipulate the energy circulating through the neurology of sentient beings in a manner akin to telepathy, sense fluctuations in energy and gravity in his environment, and perceive the very fabric of spacetime. This last ability gives Null the ability to teleport himself and others over vast distances.

Also I was playing around with color schemes so here’s a bluer version and a gold variant.