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Alias: Grayman
Real name: Sir Jason Franklin
Affiliation: The Shadow Freaks

One of the most well-known researcher for his time, Jason made quite a lot of innovative inventions that made life easier for most people. His most controversial discovery is his experiments on wolves in an attempt to cross-breed them with humans in order to create a super-soldier with superhuman scents and speed. This caused many people to be outraged as they knew that his formula would be used with live humans. The formula is so close now that Jason is certain the test subject would be fine but that doesn’t please the public, and he received threats from big corporations that if the experiment were to continue, his company would be shutdown and his reputation would be destroyed. Desperate but confident, Jason injected the formula into himself but as usual first tries, the formula went wrong. Instead, the wolf DNA overlapped his human DNA giving him the skin pigment and abilities of a wolf while maintaining his human intelligence and body. Now with a permanent hideous appearance, Jason was forced to shutdown his company and create a totally new identity. Jason framed his own death and now roams around the city anonymously as the Grayman. His potentials were not wasted as he now uses his skills with the Shadow Freaks where he feels home.