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Blue Blazer

Alias: Cannon
Real Name: Colin Lennox
Genre: Anti-hero; Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: high adrenaline levels
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: cannon arms
Affiliations: Russo Mafia
Other Aliases: Noxx
Status: employed by the Russos
When Caligo homicide detective Colin Lennox arrested the infamous serial killer Hangman, he became the hero of the force until the Hangman was released because a technicality in his arrest led to a mistrial. The Hangman wasted no time in retaliating, murdering Lennox’s wife and three children by lynching them in their home. Lennox was ruined. He quit the police force because he could see the dangerous flaws in the justice system, and instead he became the vigilante Noxx, a costumed anti-hero who used over-the-top violence to take out many of Caligo’s worst criminals. The icing on the cake was when Noxx killed Luigi Russo, Caligo’s biggest crime boss. But Russo’s family found Lennox’s hideout and kidnapped him. Then, they took him to their own private laboratory, where several scientists and doctors on the Russo payroll were on hand to perform a bizarre procedure in which Lennox’s arms were removed and replaced with large cannons. He was given the choice to either become a member of the Russo syndicate or kill himself. He chose the first, and Cannon was born. But the worst was yet to come. After he’d been working for the Russos only a few days, Lennox discovered that the true identity of the Hangman was Michael Russo and that he was now Lennox’s boss. His mind fractured to a point of no return, and his memory became slush, and he was finally the heartless, sadistic killing machine the Russos really wanted.