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Thought I’d post a bit about Phantomistress’ design over the years, since she’s a good example to show how a few years can change how you use a program and design faces.

Here’s probably one of the first designs I ever had for her. At the very least, it’s the oldest one I could find in my photobucket (this was a computer or two before my current one) and it really does show it’s dated design. Since then, I’ve largely stopped trying to do much of anything with shading, and I’ve stopped using black lines.

The next one is much closer to the current version, although you can see the differences in facial design.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you do something over and over long enough, you get a bit better at it.

Also worth a gander in terms of character advancement, the old versions (circa…2011? 2012?) of Rose Red and Herculea.