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Herr D

I’m very sorry I missed the deadline. You have the option of extension or choosing 3 more items and a new deadline. The current facility I work at is heavily into erratically limiting web access, and I can’t do this at home–two kids, one special needs, a wife with a job on opposite shift, an elder, just moved, etc. . . . and of course I do need a little sleep. I can’t say when my participation will be more regularized.

Here’s the late piece in case you choose to accept.
“I’m OKAY Mom.”
The dam burst and flooded out the Valentine’s Day Parade, mama. I’m okay, but I think I can say that ‘floats’–DON’T! I would never skype like this with anyone but you, Mom.
The hearts weren’t just in the dress, they were also butterfly wings, a facial mud smear, and extra leaves, mostly hidden. The eyes were flowers, the left sodden white glove. Three teddy bears made her right hand, one made the butterfly body, and the ‘hidden’ aspect of them made soggy eyelashes. There were add’l plans that didn’t happen. Enjoy.

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