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CDC #182 – WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN August 10, 2016
(I KNEW I should have entered earlier, 3 cats, 2 of them Bast.:) but great entries so far)
Entry #1
This super hero incarnation of Bast was born to 2 mortals
Leon, an Egyptiantologist
Abigale, Abbie, Feline Zoologist
The two met flying to Egypt. They talked on the flight and immediately bonded.They continued to see one another and fell in love,which led to marriaage and eventually a child who they named Eleanor.
Alias(es): Leanor, Lea, Elean, Ellie, Elle, El, E (depending on who is talking to her)
Ellie modeled through college and got a buisness and communication degree, with that and her charm, looks, poise and fashion sense she is the PR person: the face and voice for her parents endeavers.
Elle was sent Egyptian artifacts by her father from Bubastis city and temple of Bast
Being reunited with the artifacts gave Ellie amazing energy, taking effect as to give her the ability to call on the power of Feline Mimicry: ability to use a feline’s keen senses, or see and hear through any cat’s eyes and ears, to have catlike agility, running, leaping, climbing, claws, teeth, a lion’s strength, a cheetah’s speed, feline communication, feline summoning as well as others.
She heals herself or others quickly, with a few licks of her tongue
She apparently has 9 lives
Her family, being in danger, she goes to find them, and free them
Fortunately or unfortunatly during the 3 days of the full moon she changes into a were-panther, wether she wants to or not.
Here she is fulfilling her aspects of Protector of Family and Cats,with a deep abiding love for both
* IF you wish to listen, Appropriate music:

(I admit I named Abigale and Eleanor, from two cats we have lived with. Ellie was a tiny thing with matted eyes that was walking right for a lawn mower, but was seen luckily. Our friends thought she was a chipmunk or something. Since our friends had a dog they brought her to us. We cleaned her up and fed her by bottle and hand, which ever she would take. Now Ellie is is still with us and 11 years old now … and demanding very LOUDLY to be fed right now.)

WINNER CDC #182- Walk Like An Egyptian (Aug14, 2016) – Bast
This was a tough decision, but I think what put Cliff on top this week was the way he mirrored details of her jewelry / accessories in both her transformed, and non-transformed self. The character’s story was clearly evident even without the the accompanying description.
Well done you!


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