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CDC- Great Intelligence

Character- Empath

Descended from a long line of great wielders of magic, Norah Bishop was born with extraordinary psionic powers. She is able to read the minds of others through their emotions, and in turn, project emotions at other people. She is also adept at reading ambient emotions that naturally emanate from people in day-to-day life. While this sounds relatively benign, her power can be both extremely useful an extremely dangerous. In combat, she utilizes the emotions and adrenaline of those around her to boost herself and those around her, and the thoughts she picks up makes her able to predict enemy movements. Most dangerously, these emotions (from herself and others) can amplified and directed at an enemy, to devastating effect. It is said that the most powerful mind blast could kill a wide swath almost instantly or destroy an entire town. She was trained in the use of her powers by her mother, lest she lose control at a time of extreme emotion. Norah then became a crime fighter alongside Lady Justice, taking for her name the term used for her type of powers.

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