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You better hope you don’t have a bounty on your head.

these victorious alien bounty hunters were formed by the dark secret side of the military called Dark Agency, founded in the year 2057 by bolt face. these aliens run intergalactic bounty missions as well as weapon’s smuggling, exotic animal trade, assassination jobs, etc.

leader (Sotir): the leader of the group. can sense fear from miles away legend has it. ruthless and is not a afraid of getting his hands a bit dirty.

scout (Sood Uncaa): with enhanced agility and speed. Sood can look ahead for any goods, victim’s, etc.

Muscle (tuqee): fist to the face how about 4? after being locked up in jail for 25o years in a unbreakable metal cell he finally punched his way through the wall. So better watch out kids his been away a long time and now his out.

weapons specialist ( Hookbor): Born on a planet with high weapons smuggling he was brought in to the system of smuggling at a young age and every now and then would sneak bits off of guns and built his own gun. On an evening when a shipment of very powerful guns came into dock he stole the shipment and flew off into the galaxy to a safe house were the guns are still to this day.

tec expert (Egsoar): He makes the guns, tec, spaceship repairs, etc. Anything the group need that is technology based Egsoar is on the job. Also he lost his legs and right arm in a freak accident one day.

p.s I realised after I finished the photoshop that I spelt weapons wrong. opps

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