Choosing Curtains and Blinds That Are Perfect For Your Home Outdoors

Decorating the patio and outdoor spaces of your home can be a fun and rewarding way to bring additional attention and style to your house. However, you will want to make sure that whatever type of patio blinds or curtains you choose will work well for the space outside. Whether you are simply looking for patio drapery panels to block out the view from nearby neighbors or would like window treatments that will withstand winds and rains without damage, there is certainly something available on eBay that has what it take to meet your needs. 

Here are 6 tips for choosing patio blinds and patio curtains: 

1)  The first thing you should do before setting out to purchase patio drapes is measure the area where they will be hung. This will help ensure that you get patio blinds or patio curtains that will fit and also allow enough space for furniture and other décor. 

2) Once you know what size patio drapes to buy, take a look at the overall style and appearance of these curtains? For example, if you want patio blinds with a modern look to them, choosing window treatments such as patio drapery panels is a great option. If you prefer something more ornate or decorative, outdoor swags and patio drapery can add charm to an otherwise unadorned patio. Completely plain patio blinds may not be the appropriate choice for all homes but could work nicely in others where there is already plenty of color and décor on display anywhere outside. 

3) Choosing patio blinds and patio curtains made from a weather-resistant material is another wise decision for all homeowners who plan to use these window treatments outside their home. You want patio drapes that are going to hold up well against the effects of wind, rain, humidity and other weather conditions that can cause fabrics to fade or wear away over time. If patio blinds and patio curtains do not last as long as you would like them to, you may be less likely to keep them clean which means they will quickly begin looking worn out during the first year of operation.

4) You may want to consider patio blinds and patio curtains that are easy to clean. If you plan on using patio drapes for more than one season, it is important to choose patio blinds and patio curtains that will not become stained or faded over time. Cleaning your patio window treatments regularly can help them resist these effects of the sun and other elements.

5) You should also keep in mind whether privacy is important when choosing patio blinds and patio curtains for outside use. Patio privacy panels crafted from sheer fabrics can provide an elegant look while allowing plenty of light inside so your outdoor space still feels open and airy even with window coverings installed. For homes where people might be able to get a better view of the things happening on the patio, patio blinds can block out this line of sight to provide homeowners with more privacy. While many patio window treatments will be perfectly suitable for either option, choosing something like patio roll-up curtains which feature panels that can be rolled up or down allows you to control how much visibility your patio drapery is giving off depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

6) You may also want to consider patio blinds and patio curtains that provide added insulation value because these types of window treatments can help keep your home warmer in winter months and cooler during the summertime when temperatures can soar throughout most parts of North America. This helps save money on energy costs so you do not have to turn up the air conditioning or heating as often before patio window treatments are installed.


The size of patio door curtains and patio blinds you choose should be based on the area where they will hang. You can add décor, such as patio swags and other items like patio valances to add color and charm to these window treatments if desired.

Patio drapes that are made from weather-resistant materials tend to hold up well against the elements while still looking great during their first year of use. Keeping patio window treatments clean is important for maintaining their appearance and longevity.

Patio window treatments provide added insulation value which helps homeowners save money on energy bills in colder months.

Privacy is an important factor when choosing patio blinds or patio curtains for outside use because many people live in neighborhoods where homes are close together.

Patio window treatments can add color and style to your patio while offering you privacy from neighbors at the same time.

Since patio blinds and patio curtains will not be used during every season, choosing patio drapes that are easy to clean is important for maintaining their appearance and performance.


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