HM3: Coding updates and changes

I wanted to make sure you all know that I am currently starting on the Great Code Rewrite. And I want you to know that because when the next release goes live, your old save files may or may not work. That's the problem with using alpha or beta software; when things change, they might change in a big, big way.

Now, what's more likely to happen is that when you load an old character in the new setup, the layers might be all messed up. Although that happens now, too. Or, it might be that everything stays the same with regards to saving and loading, I just don't know yet. But it's a possibility, and I want to be sure you're aware of it so you can be sure to have JPG or PNG backup hard copies of your favorite guys and gals.

You can also make a backup copy of the .SOL files that Flash uses to save your guys. I'll probably keep the old (current) alpha version "live" for a little while under another name (so heromacine3a.swf or something). If I do that, then you should be able to go in and change the directory name where these .SOL files are kept to that name and still be able to access your characters.

To refresh, here's the info on how the saving works currently:

The saved Flash shared object library files (.sol for you Windows users) are LIKE cookies, but they are NOT actual cookies. They are not stored in the shared internet data files and will not be deleted if you erase all your cookies. You can only remove them by right-clicking on the movie, and going to Flash Settings, removing them there.

Violodion found them in his Windows installation at %AppData%MacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects\www.heromachine.comhm3

He was able to copy those and move them to another computer in the same directory and load his characters there.

On my Mac they are in HD / User / / Library / Preferences / Macromedia / Flash Player / #SharedObjects / / / hm3 / heromachine3.swf / hmcharacters.sol