Caption Contest 4: Roller skates and handgrenades

You can win your very own custom illustration (like this, or this) simply by exercising your wit and humor! In the comments below, enter dialog that should appear for the characters. Keep it suitable for prime time television, make it funny, and just win, baby!

Roller skates and hand grenades

As an example:

Rollerskater1: Yes, I am wearing a disco skating outfit and carrying a purse. Thanks for the directions and ...
Rollerskater2: ... here's your tip. Don't "blow" it all in one place, heh!
Shoe Shine Skater: Thanks!

Good luck everyone!

20 Responses to Caption Contest 4: Roller skates and handgrenades

  1. Mark says:

    Rollerskater1: I can’t be expected to reserve the bunny costume on time when they change the date every year.
    Rollerskater2: Now do you want your chocolate egg or not?
    Shoe Shine Skater: Thank you Easter Bunny!

  2. AJ says:

    Big skater1: Hey there, kid! you want a new ball?
    Kid:Who the heck are you?
    Big skater2:I’m, well, I’m… Ah, just have the damn ball, you little punk.

  3. Snap Zoom says:

    Big Skater 1: OK punk, let’s make the race interesting. You hold this grenade thing and I’ll keep the pin.
    Big skater 2: Then I skate and you try to keep up. Sound like fun?
    Little skater: Sure. We go on three, right?

  4. ninjast4r says:

    Skates: Alright, lemme see what I got in my Carry-All… gum? No. Keys? No. Breakfast Club Soundtrack? No…
    Kid: Nice purse mister!
    Skates: Oh, that does it! I’m so sick of this! It’s not a purse! It’s European! Eat this! *hucks grenade*

  5. Ashton Jakobson says:

    Rollerskater: Hey kid, what do you do when a blond throws a grenade at you?

    Kid: I dunno, what?

    Rollerskater: Take out the pin and throw it back, Catch!

  6. Rick says:

    Rollerskater1: Skater?!? What? No, this is protective gear. Juggling a purse full of hand grenades is dangerous.
    Rollerskater2: You think it’s so easy? Here catch…
    Kid: Thanks, now I start by pulling out this pin thingy, right?

  7. Frankie says:

    Roller Scurvy1: “Look kid, it’s not part of my costume, it’s just a bad coloring job. And I’m just holding this purse for a friend.” Now, about what I need your help with…”

    Roller Scurvy2: “Take this here and skate over to the Fundal Building just off panel. Pull that metal pin out and throw the GREEN part through the window and meet me at the end of the page.”

    Naive Little Boy: “Anything for you Captain with Skates. [(bleeds out of word balloon)Then can I be your sidekick?”]

  8. Hecates says:

    Rollerskater1: Well, well, well. What do we have here? A pack of C-4 and a bunch of Dinamites. Hey! What’s that?
    Rollerskater2: A hand-granede? That’s so lame! It doesn’t even have a pin! To the garbage with it kid!
    RollerskaterKid: Okidoki sir!

  9. TannerAwesomePants says:

    Strange Cross-dresser(?): (New robin my ass)OK New sidekick. Knock yourself out with this new toy.*gives grenade*
    Kid:What’s this? Some kind of ball or something?
    Man-lady:Er… yeah– a ball. Just pull out the pin and throw it at your feet as hard as you can while i go hide– i mean… uh… Go behind this brick wall and find my pistol just incase you don’t die-I mean have enough fun.

  10. The Doomed Pixel says:

    Skater: Never fear, Produce Gal is here!
    Skater: And now a treat for the unsurpassingly annoying 10-year-old…
    Kid: Oh boy! An avocado!

  11. Richard Tale says:

    Rollerskater: So…you are the Easter Bunny…
    Kid: Yes, I am.
    Rollerskater: Ok, I always wanted to do this. Grenade!!!

  12. Bowman says:

    Maskman: that is why you never accept candy from strangers bobby. so here’s some thing for you.
    Bobby: isn’t this candy?
    Maskman: No…is…ah….its a go play…along way away from me.

  13. Redd Fox says:

    Little Timmy: Hey mister, got change for a dollar?

    Creepy Skate dude 1: Hmmm… Lemme see if the purse I stole from that helpless woman has any?

    Skate dude 2:Nope, just a grenade…. Go knock yourself out kid…

  14. Rose says:

    Rollerskater1: Dammit, what are these lines?… It seems my shirt has been torn.
    Rollerskater2: Ill just fix it with a pin! Hold this while i fix my shirt kid. And while your at it go get me a pizza.
    Shoe Shine Skater: Yes sir!!

  15. Jester says:

    Skate Man 1: Drat! My evil arch-nemisis has tranversed onto gravel! I cannot follow! Hey kid, wanna make twenty bucks?

    Kid: Sure!

    Skate Man 2: Take this, go to that scary, abandoned, gravel-surrounded warehouse, and throw it at that ominious looking demon with the photon disintegrator!

  16. Dan Burns says:

    Skate Man 1: Thanks for holding my bag kid…

    Skate Man 2: …here, have an autographed grenade.

    Kid: I’d prefer cash.

  17. AJ says:

    Weirdo: Hey kid, I’m skateman!
    Kid: You look stupid, mr man-lady!
    Weirdo: *Oh God, not again* Here’s a ball! Go catch!

  18. Cory says:

    Fashion Disaster on Skates1: Hey Kid, I bet you like Power Rangers right? Well, I have one of their new-age morphers right here.
    FDoS2: So go to that warehouse, pull the pin, then run in and morph into a Power Ranger so you can beat up the bad guys!
    Little Kid:…..but…I like V.R Troopers….

  19. cybersavant says:

    Sk8trGirl1: :Tommy, i told you before, you can’t come along unless you wear a mask!

    Ska8trGirl2: Now, take this, go home and play fetch with Fido.

    Boarder Boy: Ahh, gee wiz, Mandie. You get all the fun.

  20. mr. mishima says:

    kid(bubble 1) Hey mr. is that a purse?

    dude(bubble 2) I told you already!It’s a EUROPEAN CARY-ALL!

    kid (extra bubble I wish there was) What’s this?

    dude (bubble 3) I told you already, it’s a pineapple. Now get out of here. Go play with your pineapple…while I skate down some CRIME!