10 Ways to Get More Leads with Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Making time for social media marketing in the real estate industry can take time and effort. Still, there are strategies that real estate firms can use to maximize their results with minimal work. To find choices that provide busy professionals with even more reasons to think about outsourcing some, if not all, of this duty, we looked at the top real estate social media marketing firms.


10 ways to get lead


Make sure your profile has a clear call to action.


A potential customer is likely to click on your profile when they notice one of your posts on a social media network and are interested in learning more. With LinkedIn, this is especially accurate. Does your profile include a compelling call to action and position you as a go-to agent? Your contact information, which should include your agent's website address, should, at the very least, be obvious.


Post new content to your blog.


People use social media primarily to obtain information, second only to online socializing. That often includes advice on home purchasing and selling for real estate prospects. So, if you create blog posts that readers will find interesting, share those posts on social media. Include a link that directs potential clients to your real estate agent blog.


Encourage dialogue and inquiries.

Would you give a listing to a potential without offering to help them sell their house? Of course not. To encourage conversation and inquiries, include them in your social media posts. You may, for instance, post a tip and solicit feedback (interaction). Additionally, you can publish a message inviting others to contact you (inquiries).


Give a few hints and ideas.

Prospects don't want to know what you had for supper on social media, not even Instagram! They seek information, suggestions, and counsel that will aid them in making wiser real estate choices. So concentrate on writing about those kinds of subjects. You may give the example of a recent client success story. Such social proof is beneficial to potential clients looking for an agent. They become more comfortable reaching out to you as a result.


Curate material from reputable sources

You don't always have to publish original material. An automated program like Social Stream can help you improve the effectiveness of your real estate social media marketing (an affordable add-on to our client referrals real estate marketing system). You can always share the best information from publications using Social Stream while keeping visitors on your landing page.

Post inspirational sayings

Academics frequently research this phenomenon since inspirational statements are so popular on social media. The efficacy is partly explained by the fact that prospects frequently connect you with the quotation's wisdom. Whatever the reason, inspirational quotations are famous on social media. Therefore, incorporate a few into your monthly real estate social media mix.


Focus on posting

Many potential customers who visit your social media page will note when you last posted something. If that was nine months ago, they might assume you've forgotten about them or, worse yet, that you need to be a competent marketer. Making either impression is different from what you want to do. Regular attendance is essential for fostering relationships.


Engage with the commenters


Do you answer comments on the social media posts you make? You ought to. According to studies, if you interact with a prospect, they are twice as likely to remember you and read more of your posts. Therefore, spend a few seconds responding to comments. Some of those persons could require assistance with real estate.

I appreciate everyone who shared.

It's comparable to a recommendation when someone takes the time to spread the word about your post to their followers and friends. In a sense, they are approving your information and promoting you. It would be best if you thanked those people. You can do that in the comment box, but an email or direct message to them will have a considerably more significant impact.

On your website, use lead collection forms.

Although not strictly speaking a real estate social media plan, this is similar. Make sure to seize those real estate leads if you direct social media users to your website. The problem is that most visitors to your agent's website will only call or email after some time. More of these leads are gathered using a lead-capture form so that you may follow up with them.


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