HeroMachine 3.0 Wireframe

This is a wireframe mockup of a potential layout for HeroMachine 3.0. This is a very early non-functional conceptual prototype; any and all aspects are subject to change. To see a demo of one way rotating and sizing components might work, click here.

Character Portrait Area

The character portrait area occupies the left side of the screen. This is where the character being built can be viewed with all of the user-selected colors, transformations, and item selections.

Item Selection & Modification

The right side of the screen is for item selection and modification, allowing the user to choose what section, slot, and item they would like to work with. The vertical strip running down the left side of this area allows the user to choose first a "section"* they would like to modify. The area in the upper half of this screen then changes to allow the user to choose a "slot" (i.e. Clothing, Aura, Tattoos, etc.) on that section to modify.

The bottom half of this area is for Item Modification. It has a tabbed interface for choosing what actions to perform on the selected slot's item, so the user can apply colors (two separate color areas plus line color), transformations (rotation, movement, scaling), a "theme" or filter to show only items that match a certain criterion (i.e. "Show only swords", or "Show only coats", etc.), and more.

Notable Features

Note that in this sample, there are four separate slots for torso "clothing". Each of these slots would have the same set of items (coats, undershirts, patterns, etc.). In the past if you wanted two items that were in the Coats component, you were out of luck; items didn't repeat across different components. Now you can have multiple items from the same general category of item.

The "layout" feature will allow the user to choose a variety of different ways to print or view their character instead of the standard "Standing around on some sort of background". Some ideas for alternate layouts include:

  • "Posterize" , a layout with just the character and the ability to move the name around with possibly some more copy around it to look like a movie poster
  • "Comic Book Cover", a layout designed to look like a comic book cover
  • "Certificate", the character is in the middle, with no background, and has places to change the title of the certificate and to sign a name
  • "Having a Dialog", with various dialog balloons and the ability to add text to them.

The "story" feature will allow the user to select from a pre-generted set of attribute choices so their character can be entered into a searchable database accessible to other HeroMachine users. They will also be able to write up a character to flesh out the character. This will allow any other HeroMachine user to, for example, search for all heroes that have flame powers, or robotic characters using the katana item.

*The available sections from top to bottom are Gender/Template; Head; Torso; Right Upper Arm; Right Forearm; Left Upper Arm; Left Forearm; Right Hand; Left Hand; Hips; Right Upper Leg; Right Lower Leg; Left Upper Leg; Left Lower Leg; Right Foot; Left Foot; Back (including wings and tails); and Scene (including companions, background, and character name).

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