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Herr D

Contest to be posted for making certain pics that I haven’t. Next part next Sunday. Please enjoy.

Exit The Shadow: Djinn And Tony

by Herr D

The Shadow stepped out of the darkness. “Yes?” he said in a whisper faint enough it almost wasn’t heard. He lifted an eyebrow just slightly gray enough to stand out from the inky blackness of his form.
Troll leaned surprisingly close to the Shadow. “Stupids fail.” Troll was only five feet tall and cowardly as he was ugly, but he was obviously not to blame. He couldn’t lie well enough to pull off such a casual indictment. He pointed to them, waiting in the common area of the Leader’s suite. Wrecking Ball, Granite, and Basher were standing there looking ashamed. And more than a little afraid. “Ran machine I did. Hero fled.”
The Shadow’s eyes turned an angry white. “Stop talking like Yoda. It doesn’t make you any more pleasant to look at. Or to listen to.” The Shadow looked up at Granite, the stooped ten-foot gray giant who couldn’t talk, down at Wrecking Ball, the six-foot orange—thing that could roll or be propelled at the enemy, that could BARELY talk, and then looked down at Basher. Basher had taken off most of his armor, by the house rules, and stowed his weapons properly. Even without his armored shoes, Basher was a six-footer and built like a brick outhouse. He was surprisingly articulate, but normally wouldn’t talk much. “What happened, Basher?”
Basher cleared his throat and looked around nervously. “We thought it would work. The recorded screams of the woman caught in the factory machine baited Foldout right into the alley. Troll had the machine running at its slowest speed with the speakers going, just like we talked about. Granite shouldered the building to the right, brought down a few tons of rubble, blocking the exit. Foldout opened the door where I was waiting, and I grazed him with an eight-pound sledgehammer, but he rolled with it and slammed the door! Wrecking Ball bounced down the fire escape only slightly off cue as I kicked the door open again. Foldout was nowhere to be seen. Troll said he went under the machine and went looking, but said he got out the sewer. We thought it was blocked. There was no manhole cover on it, though. There had been earlier. We had no idea how that happened. Granite clapped four times to let us know he found something and showed us where. Broken rubble and a toy we didn’t know Foldout even had. It lifts and shunts manhole covers. I tested it. It’s with my armor if you want a look. I’m afraid he got away.”
The Shadow nodded gravely. Troll piped up with “Stupids. I SAID Wrecking Ball come faster.”
The Shadow nodded again. Wrecking Ball WAS a great deal tougher, so he’d be harder to kill. He was also not as useful as the others. Not as bright, not as good at following instructions. Screwed up a lot more—with that, the Shadow made his decision. He put a hand on Wrecking Ball’s back and nudged him toward the Leader’s door. “YOUR turn to tell the Leader . . .”
All four of the lackeys looked terrified.

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