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The Mighty were fun to redesign too. I got a little attached to them. I’m a bit sorry that they all have to die. πŸ™

MATRIARCH – Multi-deity power wielding Maya women’s/indigenous rights champion.


EVO – Takes any shape he wants, controls his own fluidity/density with a personality to match.


Teuton – Immortal Knight tasked with upholding justice in the world for so long as he can wield his blade. I gave him a high-tech suit of armor, because hey maybe he read a few engineering books over the last couple of centuries and also because it looks cool.


MR. MIGHTY – The All-American poster child for infallible superhuman morals. He was such a good guy.

THRUST – Super speedster. Humanitarian. Really close friends with Matriarch as the only other woman on the team. (Speed effects are a photoshop cheat btw)

MINDWAVE – Youngest team member. Telepath and unpracticed telekinetic with a knack for technology. I at least didn’t kill him. Right away. Or at least not physically…

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