Suggestions & Ideas

HM3: Polearm requests

I’m moving on to Polearms for HeroMachine 3. Please make any polearm item requests in the comments below, and I’ll see what I can do. As usual I’ll be doing my best to port over all the 2.x items where relevant, so you can skip those. I’ll be breaking each item up into at least… [ Read more … ]

HM3: Next on the agenda

By a narrow margin, it looks like Blunts have beaten Firearms, so I’ll be working on that next. Then I’ll go immediately into Firearms, as I do think that’s a glaring omission. Feel free to post specific Blunt requests. Next week I’ll do the same for Firearms but for now, please keep it to hand-held… [ Read more … ]

Calling all stylists

I’m going to start on hairstyles for HeroMachine 3 later today, but as you all have seen, I’m not great with hair. Probably a result of having been bald since I was seventeen, more or less. Anyway, if you have particular styles you want, or sites that feature the same, by all means let me… [ Read more … ]

HM3: Enter the Haberdasher

I’m going to start working on Headgear today, so let me know any specific requests you have in the comments. If you’ve made suggestions about Headgear items before in other posts, please re-submit them here if you don’t mind; it’s hard to go back through the old stuff and pick out onesie-twosie requests. And yes,… [ Read more … ]

HeroMachine competitor

My Portuguese is a bit rusty but thanks to Google Translator, I’m pretty sure the guys who do Her-O-Matic have a new version in the works, previewed here: And here’s another preview of the app: What do you all think? It’s got some really cool features, most of which (I think) are going to be… [ Read more … ]

Comic book ideas: The Badges and Sidekicks

I now leverage the power of having my own blog to force you, the unwitting reader, to pay attention to my latest ideas for comic books which I will never actually publish! This reminds me of something I read by a popular author who kept getting people deluging him with book ideas. They would always… [ Read more … ]

Recommended comics blog reading

I can hear you out there right now, thinking “I like reading this blog and Jeff Hebert is one darn sexy bald guy, but where can I go for yet more excellent comics-related blogging?” Luckily for you I am not just a mind-reader, but also a subscriber to the following Certified Good Comics Blogs: “Chris’s… [ Read more … ]

What next?

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was so that all of you out there would have the chance to be involved in an ongoing development project by providing insight and input throughout. Over the last few months there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for that, as the Expansion was in… [ Read more … ]

Expansion bug updates

I have now fixed all of the bugs from the Big List that can be fixed. Or at least, that can be fixed by me; I’m sure a better Flash developer could repair the LeftHand load bug, for instance. I want to thank everyone who took the time to post errors, having everything all in… [ Read more … ]

Good costuming

I certainly have written enough words at this point about bad super-hero costumes, but I wanted to take advantage of the tidings of joy in the air at this time of year to point you to a site that features nothing but great design — Project Rooftop. From their “About” section: Project Rooftop is where… [ Read more … ]