Poll Position: Green Lantern movie

Short but sweet this week: {democracy:158} You can view the trailer here. Go watch it, I’ll wait. Back? Good. Did you bring me popcorn? Get out. I would say the trailer makes me somewhat more interested in seeing the movie. It helped sell me on the idea of Reynolds in the lead role, and I… [ Read more … ]

First look at Green Lantern

Courtesy of buddy John, some footage from the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie. What do you think?

Captain America movie update

Courtesy of buddy John, a fan has uploaded behind-the-scenes photos of a stunt shoot from the upcoming Captain America movie showing some costuming details. Enjoy!

Captain America poster

OK, via the corporate overlords at UGO, this is cool:

"Despicable Me" review

Short Version: A thoroughly enjoyable, light, animated summer family story that doesn’t break any new ground, but does provide an amusing hour and a half of harmless diversion. Long(er) Version (spoilers ahead!):

Green Lantern preview

If you haven’t seen it yet, Entertainment Weekly features a still of Ryan Reynolds (?!) in the Green Lantern costume from the upcoming movie: Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the glowing muscle ligature in the design, but as always you have to see it in action first. And that looks more like a… [ Read more … ]

New Thor image

Via BleedingCool, Marvel has released a photo from the upcoming Thor movie featuring the God of Thunder, his father Odin, and his evil brother Loki: What do you think?

Cap and Thor concept art

Via AintItCool, check out the latest sneak peek design sketches from the upcoming “Captain America” and “Thor” movies. What do you guys think of the costumes? If you’re having trouble getting to the site, I’ll re-link to the images after the jump:

Iron Man 2 review

Short Review: A thoroughly satisfying and entertaining comic book super-hero movie. Medium Review: “Iron Man 2″ bucks the trend of super-hero sequels bettering their original installments, but remains a fun, satisfying experience. Director Jon Favreau manages to work in multiple heroes and villains without making the movie feel crowded or silly, and brings back most… [ Read more … ]

Lazy Teenage Superheroes

Mike Ashton sent me a link to a trailer for a short film he made for under $300, and it’s pretty amazing. Take a look at “Lazy Teenage Superheroes“: Good luck with the film, Mike!