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Poll Position: All-Time Great Super-Hero Movies

Continuing our "Best Of" series of questions, this week I'm going to take a chance and open up the list to allow you to add your own entries to the ones I nominated. Please be responsible with your newfound power! The question is simple:


Brief discussion after the jump, or jump right to comments to tell me what you think! Also, note that I am not a film critic, I'm just a guy who likes super heroes. So take my observations for what they are -- uninformed, yet published anyway. Thank goodness for the Internet!

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Poll Position: Green Lantern movie

Short but sweet this week:


You can view the trailer here. Go watch it, I'll wait.

Back? Good. Did you bring me popcorn? Get out.

I would say the trailer makes me somewhat more interested in seeing the movie. It helped sell me on the idea of Reynolds in the lead role, and I am buying the "Hal Jordan, cocky test pilot" angle.

Where I'm still struggling a bit is with the fundamental difficulty of melding an intergalactic space opera with an Earth-bound spandex-wearing super-hero. Those are two tough genres to pull off, and mashing them together is exponentially more difficult.

Anyway, what do you think, having now seen the trailer?

Updated to add: Man I hate the costume in this shot. It just looks ... muddy. And why have glowing, cool CGI effects in the threads but make the insignia look so pasted-on? I'd have liked to see them go whole-hog and make the insignia a floating hologram or something to match the rest of the costume.

I hope it's just the way the image is lit, but I miss the sharply defined color areas, the deep black of space and the crisp white of the gloves in the original design.

First look at Green Lantern

Courtesy of buddy John, some footage from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie. What do you think?

Captain America movie update

Courtesy of buddy John, a fan has uploaded behind-the-scenes photos of a stunt shoot from the upcoming Captain America movie showing some costuming details. Enjoy!

Captain America poster

OK, via the corporate overlords at UGO, this is cool:

If the purpose of promotional posters like this is to give you a raging geek-on, I judge this one a success.

"Despicable Me" review

Short Version: A thoroughly enjoyable, light, animated summer family story that doesn't break any new ground, but does provide an amusing hour and a half of harmless diversion.

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Green Lantern preview

If you haven't seen it yet, Entertainment Weekly features a still of Ryan Reynolds (?!) in the Green Lantern costume from the upcoming movie:

Can't say I'm a huge fan of the glowing muscle ligature in the design, but as always you have to see it in action first. And that looks more like a Photoshopped head on a CGI body rather than an actual photograph, but what do I know -- not only did I not know Ryan Reynolds had been cast, I didn't even know there was a movie coming up. Ignorance is bliss, I reckon.


New Thor image

Via BleedingCool, Marvel has released a photo from the upcoming Thor movie featuring the God of Thunder, his father Odin, and his evil brother Loki:

What do you think?

Cap and Thor concept art

Via AintItCool, check out the latest sneak peek design sketches from the upcoming "Captain America" and "Thor" movies. What do you guys think of the costumes? If you're having trouble getting to the site, I'll re-link to the images after the jump:

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Iron Man 2 review

Short Review: A thoroughly satisfying and entertaining comic book super-hero movie.

Medium Review: "Iron Man 2" bucks the trend of super-hero sequels bettering their original installments, but remains a fun, satisfying experience. Director Jon Favreau manages to work in multiple heroes and villains without making the movie feel crowded or silly, and brings back most of the elements that made the first movie such a treat. Still, it doesn't quite hit the emotional or adrenaline highs previously seen, and in spots felt like it meandered a bit. Overall, though, an excellent super hero comic book movie that's well worth a full price admission.

Long Review: Since I consider "Iron Man" possibly the best super-hero movie ever made, it's not surprising that I wouldn't think the sequel is better -- that would be a tall order indeed. But it is very good, giving us what we want: Lots and lots of things blowing up, accompanied by Robert Downey Junior's excellent Tony Stark attitude. I'd rank it with movies like the original "Batman", the most recent "Hulk", and the original "X-Men", as a movie that does a great job translating the spirit and fun of the source material into a new medium.
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