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“Green Lantern” review

I took the day off yesterday to see the "Green Lantern" movie. With the massive power of my will, I have generated the following (SPOILER ALERT!) review.

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“Thor” Review

I actually went to see "Thor" on opening night, which I hardly ever do as I am not really a crowd guy. Which was lucky, as it turns out Durango is not a Thor town and thus the "crowd" was only twenty people or so. It was also my first major Hollywood film to watch in 3D, so it was a big day for the Bald Avenger.

I'll put my review after the jump for those of you who haven't seen it yet and don't want any of the impact ruined. In other words:

BEWARE! Here there be SPOILERS!

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Marvel Movie updates

Besides being a good read about the role of scientists as advisors for the upcoming "Thor" Movie, this "Cosmic Variance" article drops a couple of cool tidbits. Namely (emphasis mine):

Kevin Feige, president of production at Marvel Studios, is a huge proponent of having the world of these films ultimately “make sense.” It’s not our world, obviously, but there needs to be a set of “natural laws” that keeps things in order — not just for Iron Man and Thor, but all the way up to Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme who will get his own movie before too long.

There's going to be a Doctor Strange movie! I always thought he was pretty cool. Also (again, emphasis mine):

One was constructing a coherent framework for the Marvel universe — ultimately, this story about Thor the thunder god is going to have to be compatible with Tony Stark’s Iron Man world, since the two characters are both part of the Avengers. (I also got to read the script for that, and yes — it is as great as the rumors suggest.)

Has there ever been a better time to be a geek? I mean, a geek who didn't found Microsoft, that is.

I am officially in "I can't hear you!" fingers-in-my-ears period regarding Thor. I don't want to see any more previews; I'm going to see it, I'm excited about it, and I don't want to know any more. I want to be as surprised as possible and just let the movie happen to me.

But this kind of background stuff is cool, yo!

Green Lantern Wonder-Con trailer


Poll Position: All-Time Great Super-Hero Movies

Continuing our "Best Of" series of questions, this week I'm going to take a chance and open up the list to allow you to add your own entries to the ones I nominated. Please be responsible with your newfound power! The question is simple:


Brief discussion after the jump, or jump right to comments to tell me what you think! Also, note that I am not a film critic, I'm just a guy who likes super heroes. So take my observations for what they are -- uninformed, yet published anyway. Thank goodness for the Internet!

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Poll Position: Green Lantern movie

Short but sweet this week:


You can view the trailer here. Go watch it, I'll wait.

Back? Good. Did you bring me popcorn? Get out.

I would say the trailer makes me somewhat more interested in seeing the movie. It helped sell me on the idea of Reynolds in the lead role, and I am buying the "Hal Jordan, cocky test pilot" angle.

Where I'm still struggling a bit is with the fundamental difficulty of melding an intergalactic space opera with an Earth-bound spandex-wearing super-hero. Those are two tough genres to pull off, and mashing them together is exponentially more difficult.

Anyway, what do you think, having now seen the trailer?

Updated to add: Man I hate the costume in this shot. It just looks ... muddy. And why have glowing, cool CGI effects in the threads but make the insignia look so pasted-on? I'd have liked to see them go whole-hog and make the insignia a floating hologram or something to match the rest of the costume.

I hope it's just the way the image is lit, but I miss the sharply defined color areas, the deep black of space and the crisp white of the gloves in the original design.

First look at Green Lantern

Courtesy of buddy John, some footage from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie. What do you think?

Captain America movie update

Courtesy of buddy John, a fan has uploaded behind-the-scenes photos of a stunt shoot from the upcoming Captain America movie showing some costuming details. Enjoy!

Captain America poster

OK, via the corporate overlords at UGO, this is cool:

If the purpose of promotional posters like this is to give you a raging geek-on, I judge this one a success.

"Despicable Me" review

Short Version: A thoroughly enjoyable, light, animated summer family story that doesn't break any new ground, but does provide an amusing hour and a half of harmless diversion.

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