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CDC #433 – WatchMen is coming – Prize for AMS

AMS’ original… My version…

CDC #433 – WatchMen is coming – Results

Not a bad turnout this week, and lots of imagination on display. In second place we have a tie between Kellkin’s Lonewolf … …and AtomicPunk’s Bigtop. Great job AP! I particularly like the catch phrase. And the win this week … Continue reading

CDC #433 – WatchMen is coming!

View the 2019 Comic-Con trailer posted below. WARNING – Coarse Language. It describes a world in which the police are hunted down by criminals and how they are adopting “masked” personas to protect themselves and their loved ones. Your challenge … Continue reading

Poll Position: Movies #2 – Watchmen vs V For Vendetta

Taking the suggestion by JR from my request last week for poll position topics this weeks poll position question is which is the better movie Watchmen or V For Vendetta? [polldaddy poll=”7219440″]  

Who Watches the Watchmen? I do.

I have literally just walked in the door after seeing “Watchmen” at the local theatrical establishment and I have a report for you, the loyal viewing public. Both of you. And the report is: It’s good. Very good. The short … Continue reading

"Watchmen" now a Saturday Morning cartoon!

With many thanks to Runt82, I can’t clap loudly enough for this amazing take on “Watchmen”, coming soon to the small screen from DC Animation. Click on the big “Play Movie” link to launch it, but be sure to have … Continue reading

"Watchmen" interview

I read the following quote by “Watchmen” director Zack Snyder on CNN just now: “The story itself is a pretty straightforward mystery,” said Snyder, “but inside of that, there’s this huge plot that has international intrigue and a super-villain and … Continue reading

Random Panel: Early reviews from the "Watchmen" Sneak Preview audience

Watchmen sequel announced!

This just in: “Watchmen” creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have just signed Rob Liefeld to write and illustrate the sequel to their all-time great graphic novel! I was able to obtain a sneak preview of the upcoming cover: I … Continue reading

Precogview: Why "Watchmen" will probably suck

I reread “Watchmen” last week to prep for the movie, and it only confirmed what I have long suspected, since the first time I heard they were making a movie out of it, actually: Any “Watchmen” movie will suck.