Happy Birthday Jeff

According to my sources, it’s a certain someone’s birthday today, so I thought I might as well say Happy Birthday (because I forgot to send a card ;) ).

So Happy Birthday Mr Hebert, hope you have a great one.

(And sorry if my sources are wrong and it isn’t your birthday, they’re usually reliable).

12 Responses to Happy Birthday Jeff

  1. Moognation

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! Hope ya have a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, big guy!

  4. Happy Birthday and all the best!


  5. Happy Birthday Jeff!

  6. A very Happy Birthday to the Bald Avenger!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jeff! Hope you had a terrific day and received many wonderful gifts. But you gave the HeroMachine community all a wonderful gift when you came up with HeroMachine all those years ago–and the party shows no signs of stopping. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy B-Day Jeff (almost late but not quite).

  10. Conglaturation !!!

    You have completed a great [year].

    And Prooved the justice of [yourself].

    Now go and [turn one year older] our [hero]!

  11. Happy Birthday to Jeff Herbert,
    who created this amazing site for all of those with a passion for art.
    You truly are a dream-maker.

  12. Happy belated. Hope it was good. :smile: