Iris Allen, Burrito Queen

(From "Showcase" number 10, ©1958 DC Comics.)

9 Responses to Iris Allen, Burrito Queen

  1. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    So is her kryptonite bean-o?

  2. Women don’t do that, do they?

  3. ams (2): Well, I’m told that they do, but silently, so that’s why there was only wind and no noise.

  4. Maybe she’s the female lead in a movie…

  5. @Gero – ????????

  6. @ams 5: You’ve never noticed that in movies? Where the main female character always seems to have her hair blowing around (because apparently windy=sexy or something) even when it’s not windy (and in some cases, even inside buildings). It’s so common a trope that comedy films regularly parody it…

  7. That wasn’t wind lady, the Invisible Man was lifting up your dress.

  8. Or maybe she is such an airhead that the drop in air pressure actually causes a wind vortex around her!

  9. Beano is her kryptonite LOL