The anti-British bigotry of “The Glass Fist”

9 Responses to The anti-British bigotry of “The Glass Fist”

  1. I think our hero has had enough of the Royal Wedding coverage also…..

  2. That’s what she s… nevermind.

  3. gatling fist goooo!

  4. Now I see why The British have bad teeth!

  5. No, it’s some kind of fist-produced radiation he’s hammering the guy with. Take a look at the arm – both edges have the lines coming off indicating the radiation. It cannot be ‘motion’ lines, or they’d be over the arms, not beside it. Also, just look at the glow around “Limey’s” head.

    Obviously, this hurts him because he’s deep-frying his liver with the radiation.

  6. OK, I admit, punkjay and EnderX both made me literally laugh out loud with those. Thanks guys!

  7. Avatar Reader Kate

    Apparently it does hurt him more, since Limey looks more annoyed than hurt. This speaks poorly for the force of our hero’s punch.

  8. It seems to me that if it hurts the puncher more than the punchee he’s not doing it right.

  9. Avatar knight1192a

    Hmmmm, our hero is stradling the villian’s chest like a complete idiot. Idiot is the correct term folks, cause note where the villian’s hand is. Yup, it hurt’s him more than Mr. Limey there cause in the next instant he’s gonna reach up and give a nice little squeeze to the oompa loompas. Vienna Boys Choir just added a wanna be superhero