HM3: Hairy and emaciated bodies

I've just completed two prizes for DiCicatriz, one for Character Contest 38 (Random II) and the other for Character Contest 50 (Random III). Apparently "random" is his middle name. Anyway, the first is a somewhat unique addition to Body-Male-Standard -- body hair:

I've color-coded this screen capture so you can see what I mean. "LineColor" is the torso hair, "color1" is the arm hair, and "color2" is the leg hair. This will allow you to use one, two, or all three of the hair areas by changing the alpha value of the various bits. So if you just want chest hair, turn color1 and color2 to 0% alpha. If you want leg and arm hair only, change line color to 0% alpha, and so on. I thought it was a neat solution, hopefully you'll like it too.

The second is an emaciated male body for Body-Male-Alternate. I have to admit a morbid curiosity to see what DiCicatriz is going to use this for ...


16 Responses to HM3: Hairy and emaciated bodies

  1. Body hair. Finally.

    Although I still like the idea of adding body hair as a separate layer. πŸ™‚

  2. C. Baize (1): Sorry it wasn’t clear, but the body hair IS a separate layer — just hair, no body. The body beneath it is there just for illustration (achieved by using the Multiples setting).

  3. these items are both awesome! ive wanted body hair for a while and im really excited to use the emaciated body! thank you Jeff and thank you DiCicatriz!

  4. Ah, nice additions Jeff.

    DiCicatriz, you’re a clever guy. The hair item will be quite useful, and that emaciated body is cool.

  5. Ah, awesome Jeff. Body hair has been something I’ve tried to replicate without much success.

  6. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Hey Jeff, and DiCicatriz, thanks for adding these items. Is it possible to brake down the arm hair and torso hair to separate items so we can pose arms in a different ways? And the same with the emaciated torso and arms like the other male-alienates.
    These do look amazing and can’t wait to create a whole army of hairy skinny dudes!

  7. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    never mind, I just read the about the color choices for the hair.

  8. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Very welcome additions, Jeff!

    (P.S. Is Female-Tops-FantasyCommon anywhere on the schedule? There’s something specific in there that could help with my last sketch….)

  9. Nicek (8): Yes, it is on the schedule … for three days ago πŸ™‚

  10. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    And before I read that… I just found it! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! This site has an unhappy knack for making me look like a bozo. πŸ™

    Thanks again, Jeff; you’ve now solved several of my biggest problems.

  11. I’m inordinately amused by how many guys have been longing for body hair…man, it’s just like being back in junior high! πŸ˜€

  12. Right on! It’s a layer! πŸ™‚

    I can cross that one off my wish list. πŸ™‚

  13. Haha! X-Stacy… I don’t think it’s so much about longing for body hair… but I don’t really envision my characters as all part of the swim team. πŸ™‚
    Besides… how do you make a decent Wolvie knockoff with waxed bodies?

  14. Still need fat guy body type, although that’d probably require its own category in the tops, head and legwear sections as well.

  15. @Kalkin: There is a fat guy body type…

  16. Second one looks like the Stalkers from Half-Life 2 and HL2 ep.2. Those things are FREAKY. Connection maybe?