RP: Bad things to hear from a guy in his underwear

(From "Police Comics" Number 14, 1942.)

7 Responses to RP: Bad things to hear from a guy in his underwear

  1. Avatar thejay says:

    Jeff, check out this link:

    probably custom made for you.

  2. Avatar Dan Gonzalez says:

    “Now take off that cowl and let me run my fingers through your hair, Snaky!”

  3. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    Wow, the proportions on snakey head are way off. This is of course assuming he is supposed to be shaped like a man instead of a snake.

  4. Avatar Niall Mor says:

    Doctor Wertham, call your office, Doctor Wertham, call your office.

  5. Avatar Owl_Poop says:

    I see the next panel… UberPol tackles Snaky as he objects, “My anaconda don’t-want-none unless you gots-buns-hun!”

  6. Avatar X-stacy says:

    Snaky never wanted to be a villain–he just wanted the inappropriate touching to stop. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

  7. Avatar frankie says:

    Previous panel:

    Bluedude: “Can I come over there and feel ya?”

    Snaky: “No! Leave my clothes alone.”