Lone Wolf: Avoidance

The masses have massively spoken, and the choice was to use our Kai Sixth Sense, resulting in:

Your Sixth Sense has warned you that some of the creatures that attacked the monastery are searching the two paths for any survivors of their raid, but you can avoid both tracks by making your way through the undergrowth of the woods.

Referring back to our map, it looks like we're supposed to be heading generally southeast if we want to get to the capital to warn the king. And maybe get one of those big roasted turkey legs, those things are always delicious and it seems to be a staple of feasts of the nobility.

Then again, the enemy would know that too, so maybe the sneaky thing to do is to go off in a slightly different direction.

We report, you decide!

4 Responses to Lone Wolf: Avoidance

  1. Avatar Oquies says:

    Its a nice map but, I don’t quite see where we are or going…could we get a you are here thingy? 🙂

  2. Avatar NEON_N64 says:

    Screw the sneakiness.

    I vote for the south 🙂

  3. Avatar NEON_N64 says:

    @ Oquies

    If I’m not mistaken we’re really close to the Kai Monastery.

  4. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Sorry for the low quality of the map, but yes, we’re close to the Kai Monastery over on the left side, heading to the capital which, I think, is due SE of there. Personally I wanted the option to flip the king the bird and hop a freighter in that port town to Parts Unknown, but that wasn’t an option.