SOD.113 – The real reason for the Iceland volcano

20 Responses to SOD.113 – The real reason for the Iceland volcano

  1. Avatar Jake says:

    Awesome. Awesome. This guy would make a great Companion.

  2. Avatar Gene says:

    Now that is pretty cool… warm…er cool…hot…NO! not hot, I mean, yeah, hot like with heat!! Not…..

    Ah crap.

    Nice Pic Jeff!

    *Scurries off*

  3. Avatar Mr.MikeK says:

    Looks a lot like Humongasaur from Ben10 with a bigger tail and volcano spikes. Channeling Cartoon Network are we?

    Still though, great illustration. On the companion thing, I think this guy stands alone.

  4. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I’ve never seen an episode of Ben10, whatever it is, but if it has something called a Humongasaur I might have to take a look.

  5. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    I think the tail is WAY too thick, but I like everything else. Ditch the tail and I think you’ll have a really cool looking monster.

  6. Avatar Jake says:

    @Mr.MikeK: I meant make this guy available in the Companion section of HM3.

  7. Avatar Carrigan says:

    We’ve moved from humans, to martians, to men in ant suits. Now here we have Rhino-golem, who I imagine either sleeps on his stomach or standing up. We’re moving forward, Loch Ness monster next?

  8. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Sleep is for the weak. Rhino-golem uses the time when puny meat bags shut down their brains for eight hours to plot your doom.

    On the size of the tail, I imagined him ponderously dragging it through big lava tubes and underground caverns. This is not a quick creature. I thought of him as a combination of humanoid, rhino, and giant tunnel snake.

  9. Avatar Tigerguy786 says:

    I agree that this should be added to the companions section. It would be great! I like it a lot!

  10. Avatar Fyzza says:

    @Jeff: if you want to know what humongasaur looks like, Google it. not that hard.

  11. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    @Fyzza: Wow, Google has a search function?! How cool!

    Honestly, sometimes you guys make my head hurt. That comment makes no sense, I can’t for the life of me fathom what would have prompted it.

  12. Avatar Connor S. says:

    Yeah Fyzza, I have to agree, that was pointless and meen!! But I disagree with Danny and agree with Jake. I like the thick tail. It makes him look like he could bash some skulls, and is slow, which you said earlier. And this dude would liven up any dull HM3 character as a companion. Overall, this is a really awesome SOD, and I like the title.

  13. Avatar Jigglypuff says:

    Reminds me of a Heatran given human form!. You can google Heatran, too.

  14. Avatar Me Myself & I says:

    I especially like his shoulder and chest plates.

  15. Avatar Fyzza says:

    @connor: It wasn’t intended like that? Jeff said he had no idea what humongosaur looked like, and had never seen an episode of ben 10, and I was just adding to what Mr. MikeK had said earlier. Lookaing back at it, the way i worded it seems wrong.

  16. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    Let’s do another critique day!

  17. Avatar remy says:

    Is his name Eyjafjallajokull?

  18. Avatar Loki says:

    and his name shall be Bob!

  19. Avatar Frankie says:

    I like how y9ou have his “hand” up in a friendly gester, but you title the SOD as him being the reason for the volcanic eruption. So, he’s like, “Hi everyone. Yeah, that was me again. Sorry about the catastophe. We were up pretty late, being(some underworld Icelandic celebration) and all. So, who’s up for some foosball?”

  20. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Glad someone caught that Frankie! I imagined him being all “Oh, hey, yeah — my bad. Oops.”