SOD.058 – Stratos


8 Responses to SOD.058 – Stratos

  1. Very nice!

  2. Very cool.

    You know, *Puts tinfoil hat on* I’m thinking all of these cool pics is Just Jeff playing with Heromachine 4 🙂

  3. I think this one is a good mix of sci-fi and Roman times, with some fantasy thrown in. And that is the kind of thing that draws me to a drawing. It mixes that beautiful, yet horrific fantasy with a delicate sci-fi bug looking thing, and tops it off with a belt and clothing that says, ” Yeah, it may be fur and shows my chest, but it fits.” So I salute you on this one Jeff. And do you think you might add that cool lookin’ arm(s) to HM3? Those would be a nice and useful addition. 😀

  4. Nice!!! This is masters of the universe goodness! Good choice with Stratos, our heroic avion warrior. Great work Jeff and I would love you to do more from The Masters of the Universe too, as they had so many amazing characters. Great work!!

  5. Kratos or Stratos, either way he’s a cool-looking guy

  6. Can we have Arm feathers in HM3 Jeff??? Good Picture

  7. Olsen Johnson is right! Those arm feathers should be added to HM3.

  8. LOL nice, My favorite cartoon series represented. Good job.